Introducing your new DCSWCC Vice President

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Introducing your new DCSWCC Vice President

#1 Post by OrangeLeader » Tue Aug 22, 2006 12:41 pm

Ladies and Gentlemen of the DCSWCC, this election for your new Vice President was as close as they come. The new VP was elected by a margin of just ONE vote! ONE!! Clearly, in this election, EVERY vote counted. And, to make it even that much more exciting, just one vote separated 2nd from the 3-way tie for 3rd position! How's that for close?

This was a field of 5 VERY qualified and capable candidates, and I just want to thank them all for their willingness to run for the VP position. Clearly the DCSWCC means a lot to each of them and I hope that they will all continue to show their enthusiasm in the group in other ways, even if not in the VP role. And I charge you all to do the same!

And so, without further ado, it is my great honor to announce your new Vice President of the DC Metro Area Star Wars Collecting Club. Ladies and Gentlemen of the DCSWCC, may I present to you ...

Greg Leo!

Allow me to be the first to publicly congratulate Greg on his victory, and wish him good luck in his new role. He's gonna' need it! ;) :lol:
-Pat Pscherer