Collectors Yearbook call for participation

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Collectors Yearbook call for participation

#1 Post by Kingpin » Tue Jan 08, 2019 1:45 pm

Happy New Year! The Collecting Track at Celebration Chicago invites you to be part of the first-ever Star Wars Collectors Yearbook. This print publication will among other things help everyone put names to faces once and for all -- no more hiding behind online personas! Do not miss your chance to get in on the ground floor of this elite opportunity. Send your submissions no later than Feb. 20th to according to the attached rules. Yearbooks will be available for purchase at the Collectors Stage at Celebration Chicago for a very low price to help us offset the printing costs. See you in April!
  • You need not attend Celebration Chicago to participate.
  • All submissions must be made via email to
  • Submission must contain the following items:
    1. One (1) yearbook-style photo of you, the collector
      • Photo should be reasonably recent, e.g. not your childhood photo
      • Please use a head-and-shoulders shot so that your face is easily visible
      • Please make sure your photo will print well in grayscale
    2. Your full name as you wish it to be published
      • We will not publish false names or on-line names of any kind
    3. The year you started collecting Star Wars stuff
    4. One (1) of the following quick-facts about you:
      • The full name of your favorite collectible. Be as specific as possible!
      • Your collecting focus
      • A “holy grail” that you are seeking to add to your collection
  • Photos submitted must not be copyrighted in any way
  • All photos become the property of the Collecting Track Committee
  • Collecting Track Committee reserves the right to reject any submission for any reason -- especially if you forget to supply the requested information
  • Collecting Track Committee reserves the right to edit any submission at their discretion

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